Baking gives me hope. It makes me smile. I’m thirteen years old and in my short time here I’ve had to overcome a serious bullying situation at school and building my self-esteem through prayer so my therapy is baking. I am able to listen to my music, dive into creating a special treat, and get excited about the finished product.

I shared my treats with my family and THEY LOVED IT! I continue this same pattern today and here I am 2 years later still improving my craft.

I am a 9th grade student at HYPE Academy in New Orleans, La. When I’m not baking I enjoy spending time with my family and watching Tic Tok videos.

I appreciate all of my customers because without your support I couldn’t accomplish my goal of making more and more people smile by giving them a taste of my sweet treats.

Mixed With You In Mind,

Amari J. Oubre

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